Tom Stier

I didn’t used to think mulch about cat litter

All web developers have at least one cat. Cats are essential because they bug you to get up to take care of something – the dead mouse, food out, food in, and, of course, the cat box. It helps one avoid looking up after the last coffee sip and noticing that it has grown dark outside. So today I’d like to talk about this development-related topic.


Tom Stier

How Do I Promote My Art Business on Social Media?

From reading other posts on this site, you’ll know that I encourage my clients to use social media for their own purposes.

Most of the benefit of activity on Facebook however, goes to Facebook. They are using your hours of interacting with friends to fund their path through the new economy. […]

Tom Stier’s History of the World Wide Web – Part One

I gravitated toward web site design because I like making nice pictures and I like everything to be instant – as in instant publishing. So, to put the nice pictures on a web page, I found software that made it easier to see visually how the page would look when it was published.  I also Read more about Tom Stier’s History of the World Wide Web – Part One[…]