Tom Stier

I Want To Sell Stuff on My WordPress Website

There are many ways to sell a product on the web. If you have a book, it’s hard to beat Amazon. Nearly everyone has an Amazon account, and depending on a user’s settings, the purchase can happen almost before the customer decides. đŸ˜‰ […]

Are You Leaving Your Website Out of the Loop?

I’m very pleased when one of my clients gets noticed by another source on the web. If the source is a site with a high visitor count the benefit back to them can be substantial. These kind of events only come around once in awhile for most of us, but if you have advance notice Read more about Are You Leaving Your Website Out of the Loop?[…]

Architectural Woodworkers Site

Here is a website that we had setup way back in 2010! The main feature is a really cool Splash page that incorporates a full size slideshow, with captions, into the WordPress Loop. We are following the same design structure as the clients current flat-page, non-dynamic website. By ‘non-dynamic’, we mean that there is no Read more about Architectural Woodworkers Site[…]