How Do I Promote My Art Business on Social Media?

From reading other posts on this site, you’ll know that I encourage my clients to use social media for their own purposes.

Most of the benefit of activity on Facebook however, goes to Facebook. They are using your hours of interacting with friends to fund their path through the new economy.

tomstierAnd you thought Facebook was your friend! 😉

It’s not a natural trait for an writer, artist or musician to talk much about themselves or their work in public. It seems unseemly. And, sometimes it can be counter-productive.

Unfortunately, if you don’t stand out somehow, nobody knows you’re there!

So, just how do you make a stand on this social media thing?

I offer a few proven techniques here, but for a particular situation or niche, the methods will most likely need to be adjusted to suit.

You Need a Personal and an Artists Page

Everybody on Facebook has a ‘Personal’ page. This is where you and your Friends interact with each other.

Most postings on Personal pages can only be seen by people who are Friends. Posts can be made public, and exposed to Friends of Friends, depending on your privacy settings. Then there’s Friends of Friends of Friends of Friends.

Facebook also allows users with Personal pages to setup Artist pages which are Public, as in Strangers of Strangers.

If you are an artist/writer/musician, you HAVE to have both.

I have engaged in discussions with artists & musicians who insist they are doing fine promoting their gigs & openings on their Personal Facebook. But, they are failing to plan ahead by doing this!

There is a limit on the number of friends a personal page can have. They can’t really PUSH their product on their personal page (It’s unseemly!) and, biggest reason of all – Facebook doesn’t want you to do this! And, it’s their ball and bat.

That’s why Facebook went to all the trouble to set up the personal and public aspects in the first place.

I Have Something to Say, And I’m Not Saying It

I hear all the time “But, I’m not a writer.”

Then I see the person has posted a lively 300 word post or comment on another post on Facebook!

I suppose it’s due to that “staring at a blank page, coming up with nothing” syndrome.

You’ll need to transfer this same feeling and immediacy when posting on your Artist page.

You write emails that tell friends what you are up to. At a party you may get into a spirited discussion about a mutually admired artist. Re-purpose this for your own purposes on the Facebook party.

In case of emergency, we can help you with our Proxy Posting Service.

Interaction on social media stirs up reactions that help thoughts flow. If nothing else, I believe Facebook has brought back the nearly-dead art of writing to friends.

Don’t Just Toot Your Own Horn

One of the most most glaring faux pas in social promotion is where, in a musicians desire to tell people about their own work, the ‘social’ aspect of social media is forgotten.

Don’t be a “one way street.”

It’s good etiquette to Like other artist pages & comment on other writers posts. Remember – it’s better to give than receive.  Eye before E, except after sea.

We Didn’t Know You Were Selling Something

This is the best reason to have an Artist page on Facebook. You can promote your product every day, and not annoy your Friends.

Think of Facebook as a stream constantly going by many many eyeballs.

Nobody sees older posts, only what is at top. The thousands of folks who have Liked your page may only see the briefest glimmer of your news. So, rinse and repeat for best results.

Intersperse BUY posts and upcoming shows or events on your Artist page.

If you are a musician, get your songs on Bandcamp, then the link to your song will appear on Facebook as a combination in-page player and BUY button.

If you have gone to the great effort of having a shopping cart on your website, don’t be shy! Pick a product every day, and share it!

Don’t just post the link. Have something to say about it. Remember, Facebook wants you to do it this way. Facebook commands you!

I’m a Human Trapped in This Little Box

It’s tough to make a living as a musician or artist these days. There have been tons of articles written about this, and the situation could be described as in-human.

However, the one bright spot in our techno-logic society is the that most of us ARE human! We need human contact. Even nerds!

Leaning on sympathy, or perhaps I should say empathy, in your promotion is OK. If someone is intrigued by your work (which they have now seen or heard because you are implementing the previous tips) they need to know that this is something you do for a HUMAN living. Also, you need to pay your web developer!

Get that out right at the start! There is a gentle, but firm way to do this. Find your way.

What Works This Week

When I  get a question like “How can I get to the top of the first page in a Google Search?” my answer sometimes is “Rob a bank.”

This would definitely work, but may not be the best method for everybody 😉 It’s best to travel a less dramatic path.

The ability to remain flexible in the type of posts you make on Facebook, AND on your website, is essential.

People love posts that somehow give back a good feeling. So, for you it may be something funny or serious.

You could be political. And that could turn off a whole lot of people OR connect you with a whole lot of people.

We stand ready to help you with our Proxy Posting Service.

As you begin posting on Facebook with the new goal of increasing your bottom line, you’ll notice (as will Facebook) that certain Posts reach a larger audience than others.

You simply need to do more of those!


Tom Stier – Promote Globally is fighting in the Internet trenches all day long and ready to assist with a unique promotion strategy. Get in touch today!

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