Website For Garden Writer & Designer

We recently completed work on a re-design and WordPress makeover for local garden designer and writer, Honey Sharp.

Her original site was a non-dynamic site and was difficult to update. Honey had been posting her excellent garden writing on a Blogspot blog as well as in the local HomeStyle Magazine.

Blogspot blogs are fine..for! Instead of having her excellent writing on her own domain, where visitors would also see links to her services, testimonials and garden galleries, this Google friendly text was all on Blogspot where the visitor was just one click away from some other blog or Blogspot controlled distraction.

We recommend that our clients do everything they can to direct traffic back to their own domain.

For this conversion, we were able to funnel the Blogspot content into her new site on her own domain. From this point she is able to continue to add new stories on her own site. It is a combination business website and blog.

We adapted her existing logo image and re-created it in real text.

The logo, colors and layout were updated to fit modern screens and tastes. The slide show, with the combination of other text and links on the page shows well for visitors and for Google.

Since Honey is an avid photographer and success was dependent on showing lots of great images, we set up a system where Honey can add them to the site herself. We found some nice text styles, such as a drop cap for the post categories listing.

We added share buttons so visitors can add Honey’s excellent garden information to their own Facebook and Twitter ‘walls’.


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