Task 1: Optimize Your Website For Visitors And Google

This is the next article in my series 5 Tasks For A Website That Works For You.  Here’s Task 1, a website that is optimized for visitors and Mr. Google.

It’s work, like cleaning the cat box. Maybe with a little imagination added.


Tom Stier

Please Add This Poster To My Website

Many of our customers update their websites themselves, and for some clients, we fulfill an ongoing webmaster role. From time to time we get requests to add new content to a customer’s website.

We are always happy and quick to do so, but sometimes we find the request does not take into account all aspects of how website additions work best both for human visitors and for Google.

Which leads us to the often received “Please Add This Poster To My Website” request! […]

Tom Stier

Thoughts on WordPress, Social Media and Expectations

Due to the increased demand for non-typical web page layout and social media style function,  I find myself partnering more frequently with carefully selected Premium Theme & Plugin developers for my WordPress site projects. Some of the coders I work with are quite gifted in their particular areas of expertise, such as the fine folks Read more about Thoughts on WordPress, Social Media and Expectations[…]

Tom Stier

Tom Stier’s History of the World Wide Web – Part One

I gravitated toward web site design because I like making nice pictures and I like everything to be instant – as in instant publishing. So, to put the nice pictures on a web page, I found software that made it easier to see visually how the page would look when it was published.  I also Read more about Tom Stier’s History of the World Wide Web – Part One[…]

WordPress Conversion For Graphic Designer Website

We are happy to announce another successful WordPress content management makeover for local graphic design service tgo.com! (Love those three letter dot com domain names!) For this redesign of tgo.com owner Rose Tanenbaum’s web site, we created WordPress template files from her InDesign layouts. We then implemented  a cool gallery and slideshow module, and a Read more about WordPress Conversion For Graphic Designer Website[…]