Tom Stier

Tom Stier’s History of the World Wide Web – Part One

I gravitated toward web site design because I like making nice pictures and I like everything to be instant – as in instant publishing. So, to put the nice pictures on a web page, I found software that made it easier to see visually how the page would look when it was published.  I also Read more about Tom Stier’s History of the World Wide Web – Part One[…]

Tom Stier

How Can I Save Money on My Web Site Work?

If you want to save money on online promotion efforts and reduce dependence on your web developer, there are a number of ways to do this!

For starters, I recommend that you ask your web developer for his or her opinion about any request for improvements or changes. Your web developer has experience and expertise that will benefit you and possibly save you money.


We Provide Continuing Service & Support

We value our continued relationship with all our clients. One thing that we probably spend most of our time on here is attending to our clients’ needs for upgrading and maintaining their sites for optimal performance. Its hard to ‘announce’ this type of activity with a news release, but it is a vital part of Read more about We Provide Continuing Service & Support[…]