Tom Stier

Step-by-Step WordPress Post Using Classic Editor

WordPress has two different Editors available – Classic (which is like Classic Coke) and the other one which has confusing names like Gutenberg or Block Editor (which is apparently what Gutenberg used). We are focusing totally on Classic Editor here because it’s a classic! First step is to always be logged in or log into Read more about Step-by-Step WordPress Post Using Classic Editor[…]

Task 1: Optimize Your Website For Visitors And Google

This is the next article in my series 5 Tasks For A Website That Works For You.  Here’s Task 1, a website that is optimized for visitors and Mr. Google.

It’s work, like cleaning the cat box. Maybe with a little imagination added.


Tom Stier

I Want To Sell Stuff on My WordPress Website

There are many ways to sell a product on the web. If you have a book, it’s hard to beat Amazon. Nearly everyone has an Amazon account, and depending on a user’s settings, the purchase can happen almost before the customer decides. 😉 […]