Facebook follows the money

The great line, from a great movie , All The President’s Men, is “Follow the money…”

Social giant, Facebook, is trying to follow the money.

Facebook has eyeballs, but  Facebook’s investors have doubts about the credit cards connected to those eyeballs. Facebookers are sitting on their wallets while they post & comment.

We have seen some attempts by large corporations to inveigle Facebook users to ‘Like’ their corporate pages.

We have seen them use ploys, such as ‘voting’ for a charity.

Many of these are not so obvious attempts to use the concerned individual’s ‘Like’ for their own evolving purposes.

We don’t believe that a corporation can behave like a corporation on Facebook. No matter what the Supreme Court says 😉

Facebook is a party. If you are chatting with a group at a party and Mr. Sewer Slopper Stopper® walks over and starts telling you about the new and improved Sewer Slopper Stopper®, how would you feel about that?

Of course, if Mr Sewer Slopper Stopper® were to pass out a few 10% Off coupons, you might grab one.

But would you take it if while driving one day you saw a huge billboard with your face on it saying “I Like Sewer Slopper Stopper® ?”

Facebook can be used to promote business. The secret is that, in order to be effective, the promotion has to be informal and welcome. As if you’re at a party.


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