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The Great Barrington Waldorf High School is a small Waldorf high school located in downtown Great Barrington. We are responsible for the design, upkeep and hosting of this website.

The site was recently upgraded to Dashboard-enabled WordPress after running on a home-made content management system we developed many years ago.

Why was this done?

WordPress makes it easy for the school staff to add new content to the site. We noticed an immediate improvement in results in Google searches.

The school Faculty Chair and parent volunteers are able to add content themselves and that makes Google even happier!

While we did get good use from our homemade systems ‘dashboard’, the WordPress Dashboard is better at enabling non-technically minded individuals to update their websites.

Constant improvements in this software, including security features, make it a reliable choice to base your website upon.

Recently added features include an integrated open source newsletter feature, google donate integration, and even more content, some of it written by the students.

The Great Barrington Waldorf High School offers students a unique, rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that inspires purposeful activity, earnest involvement and clear thinking.

Class teachers give way to teacher specialists who lead the students through a rich and varied array of morning seminars, ranging from thermodynamics to Shakespeare, from trigonometry to the history of the modern world.

In addition to the seminar subjects, the students work through a college preparatory curriculum in mathematics, English, and a foreign language.

Music, drama, eurythmy, fine arts, orchestra, physical education, and practical arts provide our teenagers with additional opportunities for creative expression and demanding activity.

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