Are You Leaving Your Website Out of the Loop?

I’m very pleased when one of my clients gets noticed by another source on the web. If the source is a site with a high visitor count the benefit back to them can be substantial.

These kind of events only come around once in awhile for most of us, but if you have advance notice that it will be happening for you, keep the following in mind.

If you are being interviewed or your work reviewed by another site, especially a higher traffic one, insist that a link to your website be included.

And, because some sites have a subscription or member protected content setup, make sure that your website link appears ABOVE any “login to read more” area.

Don’t be shy, ask for the contact info of the ‘webguy’ for the site and tell him you want this 😉

Remember that Google sees links TO your website, especially from high quality, non phoney-baloney sites, as independent verification of quality.

Don’t Leave Your Website Out of the Loop

Some folks are much more active on Facebook or Twitter than they are on their own website. It’s much easier to come up with one or two short paragraphs and post a link there. But, if you are linking to an article about yourself on another website, hold on!

Ask yourself this question every time you know that a book or product that you have worked so diligently to produce is getting mentioned somewhere on the web. “Am I leaving my website out of the loop?”

If you post your one or two short paragraphs and link to the site that has the story about you (the source site) then you are definitely leaving your own site out of the loop. Your Facebook friends or fans will click the link and go to the other site where there may or may not be a link to your own site and most likely no way to purchase your product.

The source website is getting most of the benefit when you do this. Your own site is essentially ‘orphaned’ in this scenario.

A much better method would be to login to your own site (you are using WordPress, of course) and using those same one or two short paragraphs create a post there about how pleased you are to have this very nice review.

Then, you can use the same short bit of text, or maybe a little bit different text, as a teaser on your social media post. And then at Facebook, instead of a link to the SOURCE website, paste in the complete link (make sure to include the http:// bit) to the new post on YOUR website. On your page, you can link to the full story on the source website.

Always post it on your website first, then post a link to the story on your site at any social media spaces.


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