The Mystery of Online Promotion

There is no mystery to promoting online!

Success online requires imagination, effective communication, technical knowledge, and the right combination for the following tasks, all of which we can help with.

The most well known businesses and personalities invariably follow these steps either on their own or by using proxy services like us to do the tasks for them.

Have a Modern Website
The site owner needs to use a modern Dashboard-enabled website software which will enable them to write new content and add cool function as it becomes available. Google wants websites to have new content to match up with users organic search. Visitors want a website that looks and feels current and vital, that they can easily share with their friends and looks good on their smartphone or other device. Sites built as flat html (no Dashboard), with a dated presentation, fixed resolution, tables, frames, image maps and other deprecated elements are at a disadvantage in all these areas.

Facebook pageUse “Free” Online Promotion
By “Free” we mean that there is no cost involved for signing up and using the platform. There is no mystery or magic in the major task involved – writing. The owner, or the owner’s proxy, researches and prepares a regular program of posting on their own website, social media, and various other web sites where communication leads to connections. This needs to be done on a continuing basis, and tweaked based on measured results. The goal is slow but steady improvement.

Paid Online Promotion
Paid Promotion is a way to jump start a well thought out campaign. The goal is to bring in a higher level of visitors for the length of the campaign. The site owner pays money to Google or a social media platform, or any website or service, to show their ad to users, based on their interests, geographic location and other social criteria. These services change their methods constantly. We assist you with choosing the best service, creating the ads, and all the technical aspects involved.

Measure your efforts
There are free & paid services for measuring the effectiveness of all the efforts mentioned above. These services change the parameters that are measured constantly. Campaigns need to be monitored, and methods tweaked for most benefit.

Off-line Promotion
Print & media advertising, personal appearances, and word of mouth are still very important. We provide print & video production services. We also provide interesting, witty content for any platform – even if it’s made of wood!

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