Search engine success story Part 1

Above is the Google Analytics Dashboard for one of my WordPress makeover web site design clients. It shows daily visits hitting peaks of about 9,000 visitors a day. You may wonder “How is this done, and can you do this for me?”

Two Important Commitments

This client is not a coder and does not know how to write html.  At the time he contacted me, he had a site that he had built himself using various web page building softwares. He would build new pages for his products as he introduced them, and try to link it all together as best he could. You could call it “loosely integrated.”

When you use a web page building software like my client was using, you build your page on your desktop or notebook computer and then you have to upload it to your web site folder using something called ftp (file transfer protocol). By doing this on a regular basis, he became familiar with the process and then made a very important commitment. He chose to update his website daily.

Another important decision he made was that he became a ‘Google searcher’. He knew his money key phrases and he tried to keep his site pages updated with keyphrases and text that he guessed his potential clients would be entering for their searches. This means that his pages actually had these phrases, in all their various permutations in full view, directly on his pages, and no SEO tricks.

He also realized that this keyphrase research was a moving target, and as new vendors would start entering the first page of results on Google he would adapt and change his page copy to counter these ‘attacks’.

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