Get your ‘place’ on Google Places

Next time you do a search in Google, notice that cluster of listings at the top of the page with the A, B, C, etc. markers?

That’s Google Places, and it’s a FREE method for you to get your business placed on the first page of search results for your business keyphrases!

All you need to do is sign in or sign up for your free Google account (Is there anybody left that doesn’t have one?).

Then go to Google Places and just fill out as much information as you can. Google is going to verify your address, for your own protection and to make sure you really are where you say you are. Go right ahead now, you can trust Google!

One neat feature is that you don’t have to exactly show where you are on the map, just the general area your business serves. This is great if you work out of your home or want privacy.

This is something that you have to take advantage of sooner rather than later, because your competitors can also sign up and get their little marker on the map, too.