Thriller Author Website Project

Not all of our projects involve building a website from scratch.

While we find working within our own control panels and setups much more fun, we are able to come into situations that are already further along.

bishop1Author David Bishop contacted us through our friends at Telemachus Press. He already had a WordPress site up, but his site had a problem with missing content. We fixed that up pretty quickly, much to David’s relief.

Next order of business was to make some changes to the site theme to help brand it better. This was acomplished  by modifying the header and adding more images of his books, as well as some extra page content.

The site header was edited so that each individual thumbnail would link to the detail page about that book.

Another part of the process involved communicating some difficult concepts related to the web!

For an author site, it’s important to have prominent & and easy methods for your visitors to see what you have published and also a way for them to download the ebook or order the paper edition.

We consulted with David about how to best use the tools available in his Dashboard, such as Post Tags and Search Engine Optimization tools.

We consulted with David about how to best maximize his Facebook page connection.

We consulted with David on how to market his signed copies directly from his site with PayPal as a payment processor.

We added David’s book thumbnails to his mail signature.

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