Tom Stier’s History of the World Wide Web – Part One

I gravitated toward web site design because I like making nice pictures and I like everything to be instant – as in instant publishing.

So, to put the nice pictures on a web page, I found software that made it easier to see visually how the page would look when it was published.  I also discovered that the software I was using was writing something called html to do this.

When the software started writing crazy html that Mr. Web Browser did not like, I found that I had to figure out how to understand and change the html for Mr. Web Browser.

Fortunately, there were many other people on the web that knew a LOT more than I did about these incompatibilities. I read many pages about these issues and learned all about the very popular Mr. Internet Explorer Web Browser.

I feel this was a point where many graphics people said to themselves “I like making nice websites, but my pages look weird on someone else’s computer. So, I’m outta here.”

But, I’ve always loved art and gadgets equally, and so was even more drawn to it when I found that one could make little functions that would work on a web page. Like a counter, for instance.

To be continued…

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