June 10, 2013

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Tom StierYou might be surprised to learn how inexpensive a website that looks custom-designed can be. We take great care to find available templates and Themes that match your design aesthetic, while also giving you the benefit of our deep knowledge of what works best for your particular niche. We then personalize and brand the website as uniquely your own.

You save money because we don’t have to build from scratch. This method also means you can get your site up fast.

Depending on the content, complexity and features, the total cost can be comparable to running a few display ads in the local Shopper’s Guide.

For the cost of a few print advertisements, you can have a full-color, living picture of your business with a global circulation. It is an advertisement that can be easily updated as your product line and marketing strategy evolves.

We can work with almost any budget.

We have found that it is  easier and faster for us to setup a client with a WordPress solution than to build a site utilizing the same content as a ‘flat page’ html site. We pass this savings in time along to our clients. This also marks a big shift in what a website needs to do to compete on today’s crowded World Wide Web. You need a website and you need to have an active presence on social media. WordPress is the perfect choice for this purpose.

Our goal is to give you a site that you will take you to whatever marketing level you can comfortably maintain. We would more or less be in a partnership on your website – we help you with an effective presentation of your work, and you (or us, if you’d like) are responsible for keeping the site fresh and vital.

We’ll provide estimates for adding page and image content, usually by looking at your requirements and how much material you’d like entered. We can also price adding open source and paid coding to cover any custom functions, such as for a membership or ecommerce enabled website.

If you require hosting, we offer our Managed Hosting Service. We use the same data center for our hosting as many major companies. The advantage of our Managed Hosting is that we monitor your site continually for visibility or technical issues that may arise.

If you’d like us to update your site, if there are any items that need to be changed, we can do this at our hourly rate.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 413-528-3195 or use the Contact Page if you prefer. Usually the best way to start is for you to send us the addresses of other sites, noting what parts or functions of the sites you think are really cool, and also tell us what your service or business is.

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