The Website Fixer

For my local, and mostly small-business clientele, the term Web Developer can be off-putting.

And I believe I know why.

Tom Stier

Tom Stier

Once upon a time, building a website was a Development Project.

The client was completely dependent on the Web Developer whose understanding of HTML and the ability to code a website from scratch was the only way to do it.

For many people, Web Developer is associated with those days of the Several Thousand Dollar website project.

Things are different now.

The traditional Web Developer tended to concentrate exclusively on the construction aspect of a website.

Once he was done, the site was ‘finished’.

Until, 2 years later, when the site became ‘old’ and had to be completely re-done!

Those were the days!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is still possible to have a Several Thousand Dollar website project.

All it takes is any custom coding (hardly ever needed because of WordPress’s thousands of available Plugins) and a complex design/review process.

For a small-business website, the time and effort is better spent on thinking of the website as one piece of a holistic online promotion strategy.

Many businesses do quite well with a simply designed site, with great content that is promoted on social media.

So, a growing proportion of my work is that of a Website Guide, collaborating with clients on new features for their website and in formulating promotion strategies.

Another big chunk of my time is being the Website Fixer. The site can be WordPress or Squarespace, or some other platform. I’m usually able to find and fix the issue.

However, if you must have a Several Thousand Dollar website project, please let me know. I just may be the guy for you!

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