Architectural Woodworkers Site

Here is a website that we had setup way back in 2010!

The main feature is a really cool Splash page that incorporates a full size slideshow, with captions, into the WordPress Loop.

We are following the same design structure as the clients current flat-page, non-dynamic website.

By ‘non-dynamic’, we mean that there is no Dashboard area on the current site where the client can add and edit pages.

The top overlay navigates to all the main page and posting category areas. All site pages, except splash, will have a sidebar that can feature News and additional product categories.

The page content from the existing site was transferred and the site is ready for regular addition of new content.

The client is pleased!

“I’m excited about the new site. I find WordPress familiar and manageable, and I look forward to posting frequently once the overall architecture has been tweaked to my fussy satisfaction, and I have edited the various texts, which after all came from different periods and places over the years, into a consistent style. Very cool.”

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