Website For Monument Restoration Service

For this project, we helped ‘resurrect’ a cemetery marker restoration company’s website that had disappeared from the web!

The client originally contacted us to see if there was a way to find out why their website was gone.

With our guidance, the client purchased a business hosting account from a reliable company ( and had us retore their splash page with additional contact information. We then set the dns at their registrar so that  the site would be restored to view within a few hours.

We then set up the new site so that most page text could be edited by the owner through a web browser. This approach makes site updates easier and faster. The website software is installed and setup in their own hosting account. The site menu structure is created before any content is added.

For site design, we created a site template (‘interface design’) using the logo, layout, and colors from the company’s 2 offline site pages as seen at This saved some time and expense involved in a new design and review process.

The site has an owner login section that is password protected. The owner, or his authorized representative, is able to access all site pages and make text changes. The site software is portable, site content is stored and served from a robust server-based database. The site software we use comes with excellent built-in function. An important consideration for this project is that the client owns their hosting account outright.

For the page content portion of the project we based the cost on our conversation and the material supplied, the pages they wished to keep as shown on the menu from the old site, plus any new pages that needed to be laid out.

The best part of working in this manner is that, even though the site may not be ‘finished’ at the time of this writing, the site appears to be complete and is filled with a good quantity of Google-friendly text content.

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