You know my name…look up my website

We wear many different hats while working on a client project. As the designer, we care most about a strong graphic presentation.

tomstierAs the coders (or code manager), we care about every promised function of the site working correctly.

And as the search engine optimizer, we mostly care about the site copy that clients might (or might not!) provide.

Site copy can be a neglected aspect of the process. Sometimes, potential clients tell us that they do not want too much text on their site because they ‘hear that it’s bad for Google’ or simply because they don’t want ‘too much scrolling.’ Some clients want ‘lots of keyword meta-tags,’ or insist on only having pictures on their home page.

We also notice a phenomena, especially for a regional business, where the owner’s conception of  how their business should be presented on the web is only from the viewpoint of how they, family, friends and associates will view it. A sort of “You already know me, come on by, so I can tell you more in person” view.

That’s a tough one when your business is in Massachusetts and a potential target contact is in Hawai’i!

This mindset can lead to a site that lacks focus, confuses the visitor and fails to answer the essential “who, what, why, and where” questions that the vast majority of visitors demand when they encounter an interior page of your site through a search.

On our business website projects we encourage clients to organize, re-purpose or produce as much text content about their business as possible .

We have in-house expert web copy writing services available for clients who might want their existing copy edited or if they prefer, we can provide all the copy for their site, researched and produced ‘from scratch.’

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