Site For Children’s Book Author

For this project we used a popular layout concept, a top header graphic with a logo and a background image inspired by one of the authors books, and a three column layout. Burleigh provided page copy, photos and book covers as digital attachments or as ready to scan artwork.

We adapted the site design into WordPress website software theme. The site owner has access to WordPress’s famous Dashboard, which gives  a great deal of control over the site’s ability to be effective going into the future.

The web is a writers medium, so this is a perfect fit. The site is a combination of a informational website and an integrated blog.

Google LOVES WordPress based sites. This community supported software is constantly renewing its plugin library to take advantage of the latest trends in user interactivity, search engine optimization and social networking.

The site will be an excellent tool to use in conjunction with Twitter, Facebook and other services.

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