How To Keyword Stuff the Wild Post

Google Search Console has been letting us know that some popular search phrases bringing traffic to this site are ‘what to do with old record albums’ and ‘recycle cat litter’. These two posts can be found at I didn’t used to think mulch about cat litter and What Should I Do With My Old Record Albums?

We will be leveraging these search phrases for this Post, which until this point has nothing to do with record albums or cat litter.

Keyword Stuffing

Now, just sticking search terms in a Post willy-nilly is frowned upon. It’s called Keyword Stuffing and to quote from the site we just linked to:

“Through keyword stuffing, brands fill or “stuff” a webpage with the same word or phrase with the hopes that search engines will rank the page for the target term. It’s an attempt to manipulate search engines into thinking that a specific page is the most relevant page for the search term.”

But, no worries, we always do our stuffing outside the turkey.

First, let me slip my VG+/M- mono copy of Vincebus Eruptum LP back in it’s plastic record protector sleeve.

Holistic Promotion

In online promotion work, we often find that the promotion effort for a single product or service sometimes leads to interest in some other product.

It happens a lot more often than a major corporation sells a recyclable cat litter.

This is why we prefer a holistic online promotion approach.

By the way, did you know there’s a cat litter that some cats like to eat?

For this holistic online promotion to be effective, the client website needs to be ready for the visitor, the social media posting program needs to entice the visitor to the website or live sale events. And, the process needs analytics tracked in order to find what works best and to make improvements on what doesn’t.

And if your product is old record albums from the 60’s, it gets pretty darn old moving those heavy boxes of vinyl discs to one of those live sale events (and back home again)!

Social Media Posting Campaign

Another important task, besides having a website that is ready for your visitors, is to implement a social media posting program.

A Social media posting campaign entails a program of regular posting on Facebook of both ‘soft-sell’ and hard-sell posts. This is what we call a Proxy Posting Campaign.

Ideally, posts would be added every day on your business social media platform. It can also mean several times a week, but it has to be done regularly. It can be a task similar to taking care of the kitty litter!

An example of soft-sell would be a post about something in your personal life, such as making more shelves for the 200 record albums you just brought home from the transfer station.

Examples of hard-sell are posts which link directly to products on your website.

You can see this mix in action on our Facebook business page.

We post at least two items daily and as you swipe down, you can see we offer a variety of helpful hints, local color and happenings, and, of course, links back to this here website.

When we set up a Proxy Posting Campaign for clients, we formulate a cost for the initial setup of the posting program, tailored to the client’s business niche and then set a monthly cost depending on the frequency of posts.

The success of the social campaign is still dependent on a client making posts such as ones about pine pellet cat litter. These posts typically get the biggest response.

Unfortunately, if we don’t figure out what to do with our old record albums, we may have to turn them into bio-degradable cat litter. :O

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