Eat And Look!

3 Restaurants with the Best Scenic Views in MA in Berkshire Co. |

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Game On!

Schroeder, a North Adams resident with a background in hospitality, is planning to open Berkshire Adventurers’ Guild at 40 Eagle St

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Task 1: Optimize Your Website For Visitors And Google

This is the next article in my series 5 Tasks For A Website That Works For You.  Here’s Task 1, a website that is optimized for visitors and Mr. Google.

It’s work, like cleaning the cat box. Maybe with a little imagination added.


Lurkers Rule!

Lurkers are persons who read your social media posts and comments, ounce your Instagrams, under-reach your Facebook and Twitter Business pages, and then do nothing.

They don’t Like. They don’t Retweet. They don’t do nothing. They just.. keep… rolling alonggggg…

They are not doing what you had hoped they would do, which is Like your darned social media post!