What is SEO and how do I get more visitors to my website?

Two questions we web developers are asked most frequently (after the initial “What will it cost“) are:

1. What is SEO and
2. How do I get more visitors to my website?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – which means setting up your website in such a way that you’ll be accessible and enticing to as many search engines and search terms as possible. (This is important in garnering eyeballs to your site; it’s not so necessary if you’re using your web site as a business card that you only hand out to a select few people who you ‘invite’ to visit your site.)

Here’s the skinny on number 2: give information away for free. Like I’m doing, right now, for you. If you have a post about vitamins, and you’re selling vitamins, don’t save that information for the few rarified people who you contact via email blasts or have actually signed up to receive your newsletter. Post that same information on your site – for free. People may still want to sign up to receive your newsletter in their inbox, but in the meantime all that good juicy information you’ve been sharing with them will be shared with thousands – perhaps millions! – more people around the world.

And don’t worry about the ‘look’ of your website so much – what search engines are looking for are key phrases, words, that relate to key phrases people are typing into Google all the time.

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