Art Gallery Ecommerce Website

For this Art Gallery Ecommerce Website, first order of business was to aquire the right domain name. This domain name describes where it is and what it is very well.

The owner needed to present his gallery items in an attractive way, while at the same time making it possible for visitors to purchase them directly through the website.

Zen Cart software offers the best package of features, with its combination of functions, the Cherry Zen template and Thickbox image features.

Items are grouped in categories and can be assigned to multiple categories and sub-categories, such as Artists/Paintings and Genres. For this project ‘manufacturers’ became artists.

This cart is able to display posts from a WordPress blog inside the content area of the Zen Cart site. With this feature, blog posts you enter in the standard WordPress ‘dashboard’ will show up in the cart website.

That way visitors are able to view your blog pages and posts without leaving the shopping site, and possibly losing the contents of their cart.

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