Health Products Ecommerce Website

Sproutman Steve Meyerowitz needed a site that he could keep fresh, with new products, special prices, and a way for in-house staff to easily add new content and products.

With his old flat page site, this required opening the site pages in an html editor.

Adding a new global item to the site could only be done by editing every single site page, making the edit and then re-uploading.

His old site had hard-coded links to PayPal, with shipping information embedded in the html code. This procedure is fine for a small number of products, but difficult to update for 60+ products.

This site is powered by Zen Cart and WordPress open source software.

Features include:

  • Super user interface based on Apple Zen template by Jettrue
  • Custom coded individual shipping costs to accommodate his drop-shipping routine.
  • Ability to check-out without creating an account.
  • Integrated Sproutblog with information about personal appearances, health issues, etc.

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