Blogging for Business

Blogging for business is about giving small business owners the benefits of an active website.

The day is past when you can afford to have your business represented by a static site, or single page, posted several years ago that nobody can remember how to update.

On TV’s The Office we might love Dunder Mifflin’s classic “Coming Soon in 2004!” website, but its no joke if its representing your business online!

Google loves blogs. Website softwares such as WordPress, CMSMadeSimple, Zen Cart and WikyBlog enable small business owners or in house staff to talk about their services and goods, which when caught by search results, leads to a new sale or contact for your business.

We want to help you change your old tired website in for a new model, a hybrid that will keep running through the changes. These softwares all feature active developer communities that keep them current with the best features of the ‘big guys’ sites.

We can convert your current site to use one of the softwares mentioned above or whichever software is the best match to your particular needs. This will provide you a way to update your own website with new content using a web browser or you can have us take care of this task for you. Its your choice.

We offer complete re-design services. We can setup the system and the site template and you can enter the content. We provide custom writing services to write the copy that will get indexed by search engines.

Want to explore the possibilities? Give us a call today at 413-528-3195.

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