Should I Blog For My Business?

Its important to dispel the notion that only fanatics spend their time ‘blogging’.

Tom StierFor the small business owner (and some corporations, such as Ford Motor Co.) a blogging website offers a powerful way to present your products or services to potential customers.

If you change your current website into a WordPress site, you will be able to add new text and upload pictures to your website yourself, keeping it fresh and providing search engines with more ‘hooks’ to grab your potential customers’ attention.

What’s the difference between a static page website and a blog? A blog will give these benefits:

  • Easily update the homepage or any page.
  • Add new pages. Links to them magically appear throughout the whole site.
  • Excellent search engine features built-in.
  • Allow visitors to leave good feedback, (negative comments never appear!)
  • Lots of ‘Plug-ins’ for adding picture galleries, newsletter features & more

A blog can be a website, but a website can not neccesarily be a blog!

The graphic presentation on your current website, and any pages you want to keep, can be ‘dropped’ into your new blog site. This saves you the cost of designing a new site from scratch.

With a dynamic website you will have more control over your business presentation and more effective communication with your customers.

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