Cartoonist Site WordPress Makeover

The Liza Donnelly New Yorker Cartoonist site has been converted from our proprietary PHP content management system into a WordPress website. This allows the site owner many new possibilities for directly controlling the site content.

First and most important, a blog allows the owner to easily make posts and visitors to leave comments on these posts (after they are approved for display).

Google loves posts and comments about important issues, such as the “Peace & Politics” activities Liza is involved in.

With the non-blog system, these comments and contacts from people from all over the world were coming in via email. Now they can automatically become an important part of the site content.

The WordPress system is well-known for its friendly user interface, while still supporting a growing number of Plug-ins that are helping to move it beyond being just a ‘blog’.

The neatest feature of the old site has been retained – the cartoon interface and the dancing rollover figures!

We have recently added a widget that lets visitors easily share items on the site to their Facebook and Twitter walls.

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