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We recently renovated the Work o’ the Weavers tribute band website. Work o’ the Weavers member James Durst also needed to have a site for his solo activities that would allow him to communicate on a more personal level with his fan base all over the world.

For this project we worked with the developer of his old site to get as much of the high quality images and logo assets as possible for the new Dashboard-enabled version of his site.

The new site template is based on a lightly reworked classic layout. We edited and added his logo and centered both the logo and the drop down main navigation.

The new site needed a way for visitors to sample James’s music. We found an excellent mp3 music player that can be opened in a new window – essential if one wants to listen to the tunes and browse the site at the same time.

A most important part of the site is the Store section. For ecommerce transactions we determined the most economical approach was to retain the cgi shopping cart function on his old host, and also add the instant digital download option available through his CDBaby account.

This offered the most flexibility for visitors ordering the virtual products, such as digital downloads, and the physical and non-music items, such as t-shirts and note cards that James designs.

Most gratifying for us, James immediately understood the advantage of having a website that made it easy for him to update it himself. He has been posting news items and editing the site pages as he travels the world.

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