How Much Is That Website In The Window?

You can hire us to do everything a traditional webmaster/designer does – a new site design process involving versions approval, creative marketing copy, professional photography, logo & banner design, slide shows, etc.

wholesale jewelry importers

we provide webmaster services for wholesale jewelry importers

This whole do-it-all-for-me package typically has a cost range in the thousands of dollars.

But, wait!

Alternately, we can work with you on an a la cart basis. We’ll set you up with an attractive basic site structure & clean front end display. You can then transfer your existing site content, and  add new site text and image content to the new WordPress site. You have the option of  having us do this for you or teaching you how to do it yourself.

Then as time goes on, and budget permits, you can add new design elements, ecommerce or other function. You’ll be able to update the site yourself using the WordPress built-in posting function.

With either method you will have a site built on the famously easy to use WordPress Dashboard, a site that can be maintained and added to easily with just a little guidance from us. All web content management systems, of which WordPress is a premier choice, use this method.

On this website we give information about a la cart costs for initial setup.

An install and basic setup of WordPress onto your hosting account is very affordable. We may be able to include setup your current site page structure and some existing content as part of this phase. This gives you a site with a unified site navigation and structure.

For the design aspect, creating your site layouts for WordPress start with a basic Theme. We can add an existing logo to a basic site Theme (header, navigation, content area, sidebar, footer) that will look good on any device.

So, for under $1000 you can have a site that has your unique identity and good structure, and is ready for addition of new content on a continual basis – something that Google demands for best search ranking.

From that point, we can add features such as calendars, slide shows, newsletter signup, galleries, the cost of which can vary considerably. We always try to work with your budget and offer low cost alternatives.

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