Are you too much of an idiot to have a website?

There’s an old story about a tech support phone call from a new computer user who was having problems getting their brand new desktop PC to start up.

The tech went through a checklist of items with the user, trying to solve the problem. After trying everything the tech could think of, there was still no joy – the machine would not ‘boot.’

So the tech advised the user to unplug the machine, pack it up, and send it back for service.

“Oh, was I supposed to plug it in?” responded the user.

At this point, the tech uttered his final words as an employee of this particular PC company: “Yes, but you might as well send it back, because you are too much of an idiot to have a computer.”

This is a funny story in tech support circles.

Although, perhaps the tech guy should have started at square one and asked if the machine was, in fact, plugged in.

We try to begin at the best starting point for our clients.

Our small website development company always tries to remember how mysterious and foreboding all the coding and hosting jargon appeared even to us once upon a time.

Most users just want something that works!

We pride ourselves on communication with clients, breaking down complicated information into language they can understand.

So, the answer is no, you can’t be too much of an idiot to have a website. You can be brilliant!

All you have to do is call us today at 413-528-3195.

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