Organic Web Development

You can buy a plant that has been nurtured to a state of ideal development. Or, you can buy seeds to germinate yourself.

Here at Tom Stier Web Development & Graphic Design we like to present our clients with affordable options when they initially contact us.

We call the process “Organic Web Development.”

You can buy a packet of seeds. We have a page on this site where we describe our flexible services for some of the tasks in the website creation process.

We can handle all or some phases of each project. Sometimes our clients are Photoshop masters who present us with their layered files and say “Make this into a website!”

Sometimes we create websites where all the content is created by us.

With our Organic Web Development method, you have the option of starting with a simple theme site that contains your valuable text content.

The same content can be presented with a more complex design Theme “skin” at a later date as your business grows or your target audience changes.

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