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Asialuna Soap and Body Products is a shopping cart site. We recently added custom integration of WordPress to the site, making the site an ecommerce/blog hybrid. This makes it easy to add new content to the site.

This kind of integration can have a big impact with search engines. They place a premium on non-commercial content that typically appears on blog sites.

And since the blog content on Asia Luna does not contain links in the posts themselves to ecommerce content, we believe that search engines do not penalize the page for appearing to be one of those blogs that are setup solely to contain links to one shopping site, in other words, a “feeder” site.

We believe that this method avoids potential profile issues with search engines. There is no need for buy links in the posts, access to their product buy links surround the blog posts!

And unlike some Zen/WordPress integrations, the shopping cart remembers what you have put into it through the whole visit. As customers reads post content, put items in their cart, then read more posts, the cart remembers their items through the entire visit. Checkout will remember when they are ready to checkout.

Zen Cart is a fine shopping cart, making it an easy experience for visitors to purchase products.

And it’s all for a good cause.

The Pittman/Crespo family make all natural health and beauty products in lovely downtown Philmont, NY.

Paul and Maria are new to ecommerce, selling their products mostly through weekend events such as farmer’s markets and local vendors before launching asialuna.com. The site is getting an increasing amount of visitors and sales directly from the site as the activity on the blog increases. Also helping with user interaction is the robust newsletter function built into the ecommerce software.

We believe the best ecommerce sites do not just present rows of products and a hard sell environment, but instead excite and inform the visitor with additional information and content to help them understand why their purchase on this particular site will be the best move they could possibly make.

Winslow Eliot made this fun fan video of their Bubble Wands Kit

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