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lizadonnelly.comFor New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly, we took over work on an existing site that was not quite ready to go live. Liza had provided the previous designer images for a rollover navigation bar which was placed at the bottom of the home page.

In order to keep this navigation in the same location across all site pages, the designer placed the navigation into a frameset.

In this case, however, we felt it would not work for visitors, or for adding new content to the site, so we decided to move the navigation to the top and remake the rollover navigation with new caricatures of Liza for each section of the site.

Features include – gallery system featuring new cartoons and illustrations, a news story system and links to Amazon for book purchase and a new Store section which displays and connects to her Zazzle store items.

Since we made the original site, we have ported the site into a Dashboard-based system. Liza has become adept at keeping fresh content appearing and using the site to promote her books and appearances.

See Liza Donnelly WordPress makeover

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