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gellar-postcard-v3-finalFor the Chinese Martial Arts Academy, we recommended that we set up a WordPress powered site and add owner Lucas Geller’s supplied digital text and image content into it.

This way, the client has a good content base at the start, and is able to enter the site Dashboard and edit the copy and add new content if he desires.

This is the most economical way to have a small business website that stays current and saves cost in the long run. Owners have control over the content, while our expertise lends a professional structure and presentation to the site.

The client enjoys the function of a dynamic, database driven web software: accessible instant publishing, easy page updating, posting news of events, uploading images, easy connection to social media sites.

This type of site provides easy addition of design elements, function and content in the future.

The initial site design was based on the example sites we looked at and a business logo prepared by his designer.

The WordPress Theme of the site consists of a site header containing his logo and business name, and an image.

The pages  have a background texture behind a page content area with a neutral background. The site has an always visible navigation to the main content areas and sub navigation to areas below them. The sidebar displays links to your calendar and other items that remain in view.

We designed a non-Flash animated header from his logo.

We prepared images for a non-Flash animated slide-show on the home page.

The site was in an in-progress state within 3 days of payment deposit. We built the site on the server by first adding page content, installing functions and creating the site theme files.

For the domain name, we provided feedback on best choices. We recommended that, for domains, the shorter, the better and including an important keyphrase plus geographical area can work well for a physical location. So was a good choice.

The contact page includes an interactive Google Map.

We consulted about best strategies in using the site with social media and boosting visibility by linking with related sites. Visitors to the site can share his content on their Facebook walls.

We also provided ads for several local Albany NY publications, using image elements from the website design process.

We are pleased to note that since the site launch, Lucas has been diligent in keeping his site fresh and exciting!

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