Website for Samba Music Group

sambaFor the aim was to produce a great-looking site, which would also be a good marketing tool for the music group.  For this type of project, keeping within a limited budget is possible when there are some limitations on the design time involved.

The project involved a  conversion from a flat page site into WordPress. The costs for this type of project generally divides along the following areas.

Install & Setup of WordPress, which needs to be installed and setup on a hosting account that will support WordPress. This creates a generic WordPress site ready for posting.

Personalization. This generally refers to a “Theme” which defines the layout present on every page of your site – a header, which usually contains a logo and your business name, a navigation bar, and a content area that contains the changing page content and a footer, where copyright and contact info appear.

The content is usually subdivided into columns which contain page content and more navigation. Research has shown this to be the most effective way for your site visitors to instantly understand and navigate your site, so we recommend it.

Theme design. To reduce design costs, an existing theme was used with with minimal customization, to give a nice presentation. Here is the part of the process where if we can use a few existing graphics – parts  of existing  posters – for the site, and if we do not engage in a lengthy approval and change process the cost can fit this budget.

If  customized designs are required for each page or the client needs an original design, the price can increase. Remember that you will be able to add pictures in the page editor, and that will add a lot of spice and interest to the site.

For Logo design, we can insert an existing logo image into a theme or create a new logo. A new logo design process will increase the cost.

For transfer existing content, the pages on your current site contain images, text and links to additional content that are buried in the pages. In the new WordPress site, every item on the current site can become a Page or a Post.

We can transfer over the content you have already, but if the images are not very good on the current site, they should be replaced by new larger versions.

Going forward, the success of the site is dependent on regular posting of events and news.

This is the great advantage of using WordPress. If you are involved in the ongoing site upkeep, it will be more successful.

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