UXD And Screenwriting Website

JECD Concept Design has now become JasperLark Design & Writing.

jasper2They offer UXD design, Theme Parks Design, Book Design, Corporate ID,  Expos & Museum Design. They also provide Social Media promotion services,  Computer Game Design and Restaurant Design services.

Kendell and Jefferson also have credits writing screenplays for television and film production.

The site is based on Jefferson’s Photoshop designs, which we used to create a WordPress theme. By using WordPress, many items on the site are easy to change.

Much of the discussion on this project was about finding the proper focus for a company that does so many different services.

We do this with some projects, where clients are sometimes concerned with the direction of the site, we can feature and downplay certain aspects. Basically, if a client can contribute writing on a regular basis, the site WILL find a focus. After users are comfortable with posting, its easy to revise what the site focus is as you go along.

The idea for the home page is that it can be updated with ‘news’ items, while other links lead to more permanent content. This is what we have done with other website projects. With this method the site can get more visits, be more interesting and keep things fresh and moving.

Our expertise in web development shows that this is important for a successful web site. You’ll have to get in the habit of not agonizing over adding content.

On your news, for instance, you could have a picture of Mirror Lake in Yosemite and say something like “On a research trip for a project – studying the nature of an absolutely still lake… and then perhaps some facts about it….” (Just a paragraph or two.)

The challenge of communicating via the web is to keep the personal connection along with the professional image.

It’s OK to have a diffuse corporate image. Sometimes the ‘lets throw it on the wall and see what sticks’ mode can work as social interaction becomes the norm in business.

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