Why we recommend Premium Themes for WordPress projects

“Building a website seems more complicated than I thought it would be.”

There was a time when creating a website was something that only someone who understood html could do. A web page was made in a program like Dreamweaver and uploaded to a web server via FTP. A page was designed to look well on the screen the average viewer would be using.

Website owners now want to be able to make changes and add new content to their websites themselves. Website visitors want new & engaging content on the sites they visit.

smartanthroA website needs to display legibly on a smartphone. Visitors want to share a page they like on their social media news feed. To accommodate these desires of both owners and visitors, websites needed to become software themselves.

So, for the website owner, adding or editing content on their website has actually become a LOT simpler! All they need to do is login and enter their page, post or product content.

This is why we recommend using WordPress and a Premium Theme with good responsive design and appropriate function for small business websites.

“What is a Premium Theme License?”

WordPress calls the public-facing design of your site the “Theme.” This defines the way the website looks when someone visits your domain whether by computer, smartphone or tablet. In WordPress, the design is separate from the content.

Because of the constant state of change that is the web, and the function visitors expect, it is essential that a WordPress website stays updated with the latest versions of WordPress and also the latest version of the selected Theme.

While WordPress has Free Themes available, increasingly they are limited in options and function as Theme developers use them just as a teaser for their better Premium versions.

We search for Premium Themes supported by a quality Theme developer who shows a commitment to keeping their Themes updated.

The Theme license fee is typically a small amount a Theme Developer requests to support continued development. On some of our recent projects these fees have been under $50. Some developers also charge a small annual fee for optional access to support & upgrades, some do not.

“Aren’t you a web designer?”

We are designers! We have designed and coded websites from scratch, but the complexity and responsive design requirements of a modern Dashboard-enabled website have made a completely custom site an expensive process for small business.

In general, changes that can be done via a Premium Theme’s Options panel are relatively quickly done, changes via custom styles may require interaction with the Theme developer, changes to templates & function files would require custom files from the Theme developer. These are all parts of the process that are within our area of expertise.

“Why can’t I just buy a Premium Themes and do it all myself?”

You can! Our pricing is modular. For instance, you can hire us just to perform the initial install and basic setup of WordPress and take it on from that point. We are always available to help you at our hourly rate.

If you opt for using our Theme Selection & Setup Process, our function will be to connect you up with an appropriate Premium Theme, perform or manage any desired personalization (changing logo, colors etc.), and help you define any customization requests at the developers Theme Support.

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