Please Add This Poster To My Website

Many of our customers update their websites themselves, and for some clients, we fulfill an ongoing webmaster role. From time to time we get requests to add new content to a customer’s website.

We are always happy and quick to do so, but sometimes we find the request does not take into account all aspects of how website additions work best both for human visitors and for Google.

Which leads us to the often received “Please Add This Poster To My Website” request!

sangerGraphics are important to a website. They provide an immediate visual clue for the visitor telling them “I’m in the right place!”

When they are placed within Posts on your site, they make a page of text like this one more visually interesting.

However, some things that you’d like the graphic to do, such as stand on it’s own to communicate an event or some other information, will only be partly successful if you just post the graphic by itself.

This is especially true of a poster graphic. These graphics tend to have much of their information in very small print. And Google has trouble reading text in an image.

So, by all means, post your poster graphic! But make sure that all the information in the poster appears in real text next to the graphic. That’s right, real text for all of it.

This will also help Google to ‘know’ that the this text has a close relationship to the poster graphic.

Happy posting!

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