Romantic Suspense Author Website

With this website system, Winslow is able to update the site content using a web browser on an daily basis. All search engine optimization experts agree that daily addition of content to a website is the best strategy for increasing traffic.

New winsloweliot.comWe wanted the design to be full-color, darker than our usual preference, while still ensuring that the site copy and links would be easy to read.

The design actually mimics the style of a series of  novels Winslow had published, which creates a strong identity ‘hook’ for first time visitors. A page background showing a wall of books published by the author gives the visitor an immediate hint of a rich history behind the subject.

The site is working well for Winslow, as she leverages her activity on the site with her postings on social media networks. Her Daily Happiness posts are automatically added to her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Magazine ad.

Design concepts.

Promo banner.

Original design composition.

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