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Monterey Masonry

Monterey Masonry is a high end masonry business located in Sheffield, Massachusetts. They needed a way for homeowners and architects to be able to quickly check out their impressive body of work.

The owner is a collector of images of antique tools and other images associated with the trade of masonry. These images were used as subtle background patterns all over the site.

Monterey MasonryEvery image on the site is a link to a pop-up window containing a much larger image. Great for checking out the details.

In addition to being a master mason, Mark is a creator of public art, which is also showcased on the site. A notable example is his Times Square piece “Replanting the Handmade Sky”. It makes a great gif animation.

Monterey Masonry also maintains a stoneyard with many one-of-a-kind items for sale. This inventory is also live on the web site and easily updated with a simple browser-based system.

In 2011 the original ‘flat page’ website was ported into a WordPress theme.

Logo Designed by Tom Stier.


Flash element by Tom Stier.

Background design element.

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