Website For Tree Care Company

We took over the design of this website for a local Great Barrington Massachusetts tree care business.

We worked with the logo designer to adapt the company logo and colorways for the website design. If you saw the website, you saw their trucks!

This site was notable for using frames (now a big no-no in site design) in an invisible sort of way, and for some fun effects.

For the “Pruning” section of the Barrett Tree Service site, we worked up some cartoon style image elements used in four rollover animations that show the effects of cleaning, reducing, raising and thinning. This was done to make the differences in the processes easier for the visitor grasp.

This site used frames in order to keep the bottom navigation in the same position on every page and not dependent on the length of the content above it.

Frames are now deprecated for use on websites, and we use other methods to attain this effect.


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