Website For Lumber Company

The site had a lot of movement, spinning saws, locking boards and a fluttering flag. But, it also has lots of useful information and an excellent dealer locator with live Google maps integration.

We added new content on a regular basis – such as flash animations and new pages & images.

The site was designed to integrate with print brochure & promotional material produced by Studio Two in Stockbridge, Mass.

The home page gives the visitor a neat little flash animation, a scrolling gallery of images, and a Shockwave media presentation.


Masking of background for effective product graphics.

The three main product links are front and center.

All wood sample images are Thickbox javascript links to larger images to better see the fine details.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your website!! I’m particularly impressed with your being environmentally conscious in your harvesting of our beloved trees. 🙂 That being said I recently acquired a sample of your ‘Red Birch’ with a poly-coat on it. Originally I was planning to use a natural ‘tung oil’ finish, but was fairly impressed with the poly that you used. Might I ask what finish/brand etc you used? Again, thank you for your website and lovely wood! I’m looking foward to soon having your ‘red birch’ on our floors!:-)”

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