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Concerned Singles is a matchmaking service started by owner Rodelinde Albrecht as a print newsletter in 1984.

The design of the site is clean and inviting with access to site member listings being a priority.

On the ancient previous incarnation of the site, the member listings were static html pages that Rodelinde would create and upload on a regular basis.

We created a php/MySQL member listing system that automated the process.

Among the benefits of the new system:

New members have their listings added to the database within hours.

Changing content adds ‘stickiness’, visitors come back to see what’s new.

All member listings are searchable by country, US state and member code.

More functionality is scheduled, although Rodelinde has strong thoughts on keeping the operation as much a uniquely personal service as possible. An important distinction is that the site is not a dating site, it is more of a matchmaking operation with Rodelinde facillitating the all important work of bringing two soul-mates together!

Plans are in place to improve the membership system, with personal log-in pages and some in-site communication options between members.

There are no plans, however to add video messaging or even photos!

Logo design by Tom Stier.

Alternate logo.

Final logo.

Background original image.

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