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We value our continued relationship with all our clients. One thing that we probably spend most of our time on here is attending to our clients’ needs for upgrading and maintaining their sites for optimal performance. Its hard to ‘announce’ this type of activity with a news release, but it is a vital part of the process.

Tom Stier

Tom Stier

We recently upgraded the various site software running on one of our premier ecommerce sites. This is a site running on Zen Cart software, which now has WordPress blog posts embedded within it. For this same site, we researched and installed a full featured affiliate software program, a Zen Cart to Quickbooks integration software, upgraded one of the most full featured Zen Cart shipping add-ons, and also added a very nice uri mapping (pretty url’s) add-on from the same author. We also provided in-house instruction and support in helping office staff add content to the site.

For another client, we provided print advertising material for the local Shoppers’ Guide.

For another, we engaged in a logo design process for a new specialty social networking site they are launching.

One of our long-time clients has been transitioning to new ownership, while the previous owners have been starting a new business in a specialty area of the business they formerly owned. For the new owners we have had to update all logos and product lines on their site, for the previous owners we have been working on their new site, presenting their new product line and business message.

We edit sites that are built with software that we don’t usually work with, such as sites built with various “Website Builder” programs found in some hosts control panels. We usually try to gently steer people toward much more user-friendly software like WordPress. Sometimes we encounter sites that are built with WordPress, but using themes that hamper the users ability to use the site to best advantage.

We recently helped another long-time client in saving her domain name from being auctioned off. The client had ignored email notices from her registrar (they are only required to send notices by email) and the name was past redemption. The domain name was valued at over $1000. We also helped a new client with a similar issue, before she became a client!

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