We Provide WordPress Support & Instruction

WordPress is the most popular performer in dynamic website software. Its dashboard is famous for being user-friendly, even for novice users.

As you read some of the other stories on this website you will notice that a fair portion of the work we do involves transitioning older static page websites into WordPress websites.

The difference between the two?

A static website is built and maintained by a website designer using licensed software on his or her computer.

A dynamic website is built by a website designer using open source software (no license fee) on the site’s host server and maintained by the site owner, the owner’s in-house staff or the website designer.

Keeping your website up to date with fresh news or other content can give you an edge in Google searches on your business or service geographical location keywords.

It is possible to spend some time searching out resources or reading books to learn how to install and use WordPress for your website, but for individuals who are too busy building their business, or would like support through the process, we offer WordPress Instruction.

This is done on an hourly basis, only on the aspects you would like to concentrate on. For most of our clients, an hour of instruction is enough to get them posting posts and pages, understand the concepts of the dashboard system and even adding pictures or video to their website.

If you are within our local service area give us a call at 413-528-3195 and we can come to your home or business location. Or it may be possible to meet at a convenient mid-point with internet access (and hopefully some good coffee!).

Even if you are outside our service area, we provide support via non-technical email messages and phone.

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