How Do I Get Visitors To Come To My Website?

What is the best way for you to optimize your investment in your website? How can you get the largest number of Google searches and human visitors to your site?

One of the hardest things for a business person to do is communicate their passion for their product or service through their website. What works best at a personal or local level is often not as effective for the browsing public.

tomstier-mapSome companies hire website optimization ‘experts’ who submit their sites to search engines and apply quick tricks that temporarily boost the amount of low quality traffic to their site.

But, Google, Yahoo and MSN are adept at discounting sites that engage in this trickery.

Experts agree that the best way to get visitors to your website is to have quality text content appear on your site on a regular basis. This is the ‘magic’ of having your site found in a web search.

Using proven techniques, we now provide a service that will ‘populate’ your current website with this content.

How it Works

1. You send us, via email, a few points or a paragraph or two about your business’s current activity and up to two jpg images.

2. We expand and polish your text item, edit your image(s), AND PLACE IT ON YOUR WEBSITE!

3. You may even ask for a  revision of the content of the item!

4. Thats it!

“But, Tom, I don’t even think I can come up with ‘a few bullet points’!”

No problem! We will provide your site with general, but original content on your business topic. This can include trends in your business field, events in the news related to your business, complementary business trends etc.

  • Your site copy is optimized from the ground up to feature the ‘hooks’ Google needs to find your site.
  • No need to hire costly public relations or website optimization services
  • All thats required from your end is a few bullet points on a subject or company event that you would like to highlight, we do the rest.
  • If you provide more information that is even better, but not necessary.
  • 2 photos per item can be included.
  • The material can be reused for your other promotional print news releases and feature stories

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a website that conveys your business’s personality and ‘uniqueness’ to the browsing world. This has to be done in the text that appears on your sites’ pages.

Please contact us if you would like to set-up a custom solution or get an estimate to overhaul the copy you already have on your website.

*Some restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

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