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Al Perlman, an award-winning journalist, media executive and jazz collector, contacted us a while back with what turned out to be  another very enjoyable project –

Al had previously maintained the site as a flat page html site. This made updating the site a nightmare, but he diligently kept the site updated with his particular niche topic – classic jazz and what it’s selling for on eBay.

Jazz Collector websiteFor the new Dashboard-enabled version of the site we have found a perfect open-source theme at Blog Oh! Blog, lightly customized with an updated Jazz Collector logo and some re-arrangement of the header and other elements.

On the old Jazz Collector site, Al had maintained a few gigantic html tables holding information on thousands of eBay sales of collectable jazz LPs. For the new site, we were looking for a way to add/edit/delate records of eBay sales of collectable jazz LPs and then display the results on the pages of the Jazz Collector site.

We created and set up a separate Record Album control panel where Al can enter his items and then display the results in a series of sortable tables on the part of the web site that is viewable to the public.

Jazz Collector uses the site to direct collectors, via the RSS feed generated list of current auctions and sale items on this site, to the Jazz Collector eBay store.

Al is a dedicated blogger and, with his quality posts, the comments they generate, the valuable eBay data he presents, the site enjoys a fast growing amount of traffic.

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