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From looking over cartoonist Randy Glasbergen’s current site, we could see he had been maintaining a flat page site and was finding it difficult to make any global changes to it. (For example, adding a navigation that shows all the links on every page).

2010 Design

We thought his site would be a good candidate for Dashboard-enabled site conversion. We specialize in using open-source software for business websites, and we’re finding WordPress beats every other system in its class for end-user friendliness. Using it, a website can look like a professional business site that you can maintain yourself, and it offers an additional integrated blog feature, which has become crucial in maintaining strong web presence. In this case, the client’s existing daily update routine would be a huge plus. Randy posts a new cartoon every day.

We build Dashboard-enabled sites either complete with design, content, and hosting or on an a la carte basis – you can just have us do the technical stuff, give you instruction in using the website software, port over a your ideal website design like we’ve done for other clients, and then it will be just happy blogging and updating from your end. We’re always here to help you out, though, if you need us.

2019 Update – We continue our long association with Glasbergen Cartoon Service, now managed by Karen Glasbergen.

Glasbergen Cartoon Service


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